I Doth Protest

Risking immodesty, I’m a half-decent photographer and videographer, and know a few things about audio production; but I’m a terrible businessman.

See, I really love what I do: I’m completely into the groom crying when he sees his bride for the first time, the flower girl running halfway down the aisle and then dumping her entire basket right there, bridal parties doing shots in strange places, and teary-eyed onlookers watching an elegant first dance.

But there’s also an expectation these days that event photographers and videographers be social media savvy, with active blogs, Facebook postings, etc. In protest, today I’ve decided to blog about how presentation does matter, but passion and creativity are more important than blogs.

I mean sure, blogging could be a good way to convey my personality and sense of humor, let prospective clients know I’m an active professional, and attention to detail in thoughtful, concise writing might also suggest something about my philosophy when capturing a wedding. But the time it takes is annoying.

Don’t get me wrong: I get that social media activity is just good business. But like I said, I’m a terrible businessman. And it’s been quite a while since my last blog post, so now seemed like a good time to complain about all of this, and to let you all know I’ll be blogging more frequently from now on.

Stay tuned.


After a hundred weddings and countless sports tournaments, family sessions, and events … it’s time to create a brand all my own. Looking back at life since life threw a camera at me in 2010, to my first wedding as a photographer in 2013, on to video, expanding into sports and more, I now find myself with a crew of colleagues I respect, and the first leg of my journey complete.

Really, this started with my parents. When I was a kid they taught private music lessons as Degner Music Studio. Strong advocates of art, creativity, and broadening one’s horizons, they started me on a path that ultimately led to a love of photography, videography, and audio production.

That path wound through a number of hobbies, interests, and jobs. A career in IT, lots of travel, and a variety of experience shooting for other companies now behind me, starting my own creative business feels a bit like coming home. And so, I’ve decided to name it Degner Studio.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. Time to get to work.